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Here's what our customers say about us:


I bought a vacuum cleaner from the big box store. It was supposed to be a "good" vacuum. At $129.95, I thought it would do me until I could get a better one.  A month later, I needed bags and a belt for it. When I returned to the place where I bought it, they didn't carry either in stock. I had to go to Concord Vacuum Center to get what I needed. Several months later, it quit. When I asked them where I could get it fixed, they sent me to Concord Vacuum Center again. Concord Vacuum Center fixed it without much delay and at a really good price. Now I'm asking myself why I didn't think about where to get it fixed or to get parts, before I bought it. When I get ready for my next one, I'll go to Concord Vacuum Center first.

Mark V., Concord,NC 

We bought a new Miele vacuum from Concord Vacuum Center because we were tired of buying vacuum cleaners from the big stores only to have them have problems or quit in just a few months.  I realized that it was false economy to keep having to buy new vacuum cleaners all the time. They were so poorly made to begin with.  Now for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I enjoy using my vacuum cleaner. I also found out that the so called "bargain" cleaners I had used before were not doing a good job of cleaning my carpets. Since I have been using the Miele, my carpets look great again and I don't spread the dust around anymore. The miele is the best.

Ann H., Concord, NC

I called Concord Vacuum Center because my old central unit had quit running. Within 3 days, they had come to our home and fixed the problem. It turned out to be something simple and the cost to repair it was very reasonable. They could have told us that we needed a new unit, and we would have had to spend a lot more than we did. It's nice to deal with honest people. I couldn't be more pleased.

Kathy C., Albemarle, NC

Because we had so many problems with the security company that originally put in our vacuum system, we decided to contact a different dealer when our vacuum unit quit and needed service. So, I called Concord Vacuum Center and they came to our home and took the unit to their shop, fixed it under warranty, and returned it to us like new. Even though we didn't buy it from them, there was no charge for the repair. The Modern Day folks furnished the new motor and Concord Vacuum Center provided the labor and service call. We bought a new attachment kit for the second story, and that was the only expense. I'll never again use anyone else but Concord Vacuum Center.

John H. , Charlotte, NC


Our 7 year old daughter had really bad allergy problems. We would end up seeing the doctor almost every month and ended up in the emergency room all to often.  Her allergy doctor recommended that we get a vacuum cleaner with a filter that would eliminate dust being spread back into the air for her to breathe. After talking to the folks at Concord Vacuum Center we decided to buy one of their best filtering units. We also bought an air purifier from them. The new vacuum cleaner did such a good job that between it and the purifier, our child slept thru the whole night for the first time in years. After a few weeks, the dark circles under her eyes were gone, and even her teacher has called to say that she is a different person in class.  We just didn't know that this kind of relief was available for her. By the way, it was a lot less expensive for the vacuum and air purifier than a single visit to the emergency room. Thanks Concord Vacuum. 

Terry B., Mt. Pleasant, NC


My Mother is elderly and cannot use a big, heavy vacuum cleaner any more. At Concord Vacuum, we found a good vacuum that was easy to operate and was lighter and had more suction than an Oreck, and cost about half the price of the Oreck. Now she can still do her own floor cleaning and that pleases her very much. We're happy too.

Nickie D., Mooresville, NC

Our 10 year old built in vacuum cleaner just died one day. I checked around the area and found Concord Vacuum Center on the internet. They came out and checked the unit to be sure that it was not worth repairing. They offered me several choices for a replacement unit and had my new one in and running the next day. I was happy to know that they stock a selection of different vacuum units as I'm a "clean freak" and can't do without my vac. The cost to replace the unit was far less than I expected and the new unit works much better than the old one did. Their pricing was better than I could get on the internet too. They took the time to show us some tips to prevent having clogs in the pipes, with a simple cleanout  process. Good job guys.

Angela P. Concord, NC


I needed a good vacuum cleaner but my budget wouldn't let me buy the Kirby vacuum I really wanted.  At $1,500.00, I just couldn't spend that much. I went to Concord Vacuum Center on Church St. and found a re-conditioned Kirby that was in excellent condition for $399.00 with attachments, shampooer and a warranty.  I love it and after many months of use, I still think I got a good deal.

Mark T., Harrisburg, NC


Our church was looking for a new central power unit to replace the old one that burned up. Concord Vacuum Center helped us decide on a new unit, which we installed ourselves. It worked so well that when I built my new home, I bought the power unit, attachment kit and all the pipe and supplies needed for the installation from Concord Vacuum Center as a kit. When I got thru, they took back all of the unused pieces of the kit and gave me a refund which I used to pay for part of the other items that I wanted to add. It really was made easy for me to get this job done. They had everything I needed in stock, in Concord.

Jack R., Kannapolis, NC

When my wife and I decided to take up the carpeting in our home and replace it with wood floors, we found that our old vacuum cleaner wasn't working well on the new wood floors. We could see the dust being blown up into the air by the brush roll spinning. We found a vacuum at Concord Vacuum Center that was made for our particular needs.  It doesn't scatter the dust, it just picks it up. So now we don't have to dust after we vacuum.  It's nice to trade with professional people who know what they are talking about and can solve such a problem. 

Eric P., Huntersville, NC

I went to the big box store to buy a vacuum cleaner. When I got there, there wasn't anyone who really knew about the different vacuums. When I asked the clerk about functions on the different vacs, I was told that they just didn't know about vacuums. They suggested I read up on what I wanted and come back. instead, I went to Concord Vacuum Center and spoke with one of the sales people. She was able to answer all of my questions.  It turned out that what I was looking for at the big store was really a bad choice for my needs.  I got to try out many different models on the demo floors in their store and was able to get one that I knew how it felt to operate before I bought it. They treated me so special that I'm glad I found them.

Carol M., Concord, NC

I bought a so called "bargain" vacuum off the internet and 2 months later it was broken. When I checked around to see where to take it for warranty repairs, I was told that it had to be shipped back to the factory for warranty inspection. They also said it would take several weeks to get it back. If the problem was not a covered warranty problem, there would be charges that I would have to pay before they would send it back to me. It was up to me to pay the shipping charges back to them.  I had thrown out the box it came in, so I was also going to have to pay for a shipping place to box it, insure it and ship it. It was going to cost me over $100 to ship it back.  Instead, I went to Concord Vacuum Center and found a vacuum cleaner. It was about the same price as the "bargain" vac. On top of that, they gave me a trade-in on my broken vac. They have all the service, parts, supplies and warranty coverage, in-house, at their Concord store. So now if there is a problem, I can take it to a local place and get it back in a few days.  Wish I had thought about that before I bought the internet "bargain" and had to go through all the hastle.

Sally R. Concnord, NC


We bought a vacuum cleaner from a big department store in the mall.  It worked well for awhile, but after a messy cleanup one day, it lost suction. I took it to the mall store where I bought it, and they told me to take it to Concord Vacuum Center and see if they could fix it.  When I asked why, the salesperson told me that unless they were "sure" it was a warranty issue, that they didn't want to "fool" with it.  Besides, it was $85.00 to send it in to their repair center out of state to get it checked. Then there would be charges for parts and labor on top of that.  I took their advice and took it to Concord Vacuum Center.  They fixed it in 2 days for less than $25.00. Guess I know where I'll get my next vacuum. 

Judy and Mike H., Kannapolis,NC 

 My wife and I decided to re-model the kitchen area ourselves and put in a central vacuum with a vac-pan under the new kitchen cabinet. I found everything I needed in one place and in stock at Concord Vacuum Center.  I wasn't sure about the installation but the folks at Concord Vac showed me how to do the installation myself and loaned me a DVD  that showed how to do the entire vacuum project. I also got  to return the parts that I didn't use.  Turned out great. Thanks.

Jeff N., Concord, NC 

All I needed was a belt and a pack of bags for am older Eureka vacuum. I looked all over the place in home stores, department stores, hardware stores, you name it. Finally, it dawned on me to go to a vacuum store. I went to Concord Vacuum and there it was. Should have gone there in the first place.

Robert B., Conocord, NC